• How Much Will it Hold?

    It was great to see how much weight the bridges were able to hold this afternoon. The top 3 bridges competed in the gym:
    Michael and John won with their bridge holding 43 pounds or 19.5kg
    Eli and Emerson were second with their bridge holding 40 pounds or 18 kg
    Russell and Maxim’s bridge held just less than 40 pounds or 18 kg

  • Bee Awesome Project Meeting at 6pm Thursday, April 20

    We will be providing some information regarding our Bee Awesome Project at the school. It will begin in June and is in conjunction with our outside planters. There will be a bee hive on site (fenced off) and we will have Mr.

  • What Happened Last Night…

    Those little Leprechauns made a mess in some classrooms last night even after many Leprechaun traps were set.
    It is great to see so much green today 🙂

  • Vertical Slam Fundraiser

    The Vertical Slam Society has been very helpful to all of our school for quite a few years now. They provide us with money for our breakfast and snack programs! If you are able to join in the challenge it is really for a good cause.

  • Learning from Artifacts

    All of our students were able to see, touch, and learn about some amazing indigenous artifacts that Mrs. Barclay brought to our school and shared with us for the last two days.  As well, four of our students,

  • Primary Fun Day in the Snow

    The weather cooperated and the sun was shining for us this afternoon. There will more pictures to come.