• Reporting time

    Have you scheduled your parent/teacher/student conference yet?
    This upcoming week is the time for conferences.  Be sure to speak with your child’s teacher if you do not already have a time set up.

  • Bookfair

    Last day of bookfair is today!
    This is your last chance to come out and check out all of the great books.  They make great gifts and help out the library at the same time.

  • PAC webpages

    The PAC pages have recently been updated.  Please check out the PAC link on the sidebar for more information.
    Find out who is on the PAC executive and how to contact them. 

  • Weekly Update number two

    A ‘Wall of Good Deeds’ has been started at the school. Here’s how it works: 1)When someone does a good deed for you, tell your leadership representative. 2) Together you will fill out an award for that person and put it up on the ‘Wall’.

  • Update for the week of November 15th 2010

    We would like to start with a big Thank You and Good job for everyone that participated in the Food Drive that was run by Shaw Cable. The school was able to donate 1797lbs of food,