• Cross Country Results

    We received the results from last weeks race in Taylor. Charlie Lake did very well.
    Good luck to our runners today at the final run.
    Primary Boys                                     Primary Girls.              Total Runners 99 Primary
    Grayson R- 3rd                                    Emily B.- 12th
    Julian T.- 11th                                       Morgan M- 15
    Walker H- 15th                                     Hannah H.

  • Laker Soccer Players Achieve Great Results

    Lakers took part in the district soccer tournament on Saturday and they played very well. All 3 teams were undefeated in round robin play. The two grade 4/5 teams had to play each other in the final with Mrs.

  • Charlie Lake Playground- only $20000 left to go

    The PAC, parents, staff, and community are getting close to having the necessary funds to order the new playground so that it can be installed in the spring. The PAC has organized meals at the school and 4 different fund raisers to work towards this goal.