Remembrance Day


November 8th, the grade 6’s along with Mrs. Klassen and Mr. Bourcet, put on an assembly to celebrate Remembrance Day. For the first time, we had a veteran come and participate also. Gavin Holmes served in the Army and was stationed in Germany in World War 2. He is one of the last 3 WW2 vets in the North Peace Region. He spoke during the assembly about what it was like being in the war and what Remembrance Day means to him today. The gr. 6’s put together a slide show of wars past and the choir sang about a Pittance of time. A handful of students did small skits describing the freedoms of Canada and the problems of the world. A big congratulation goes out to all the students as it was noted over and over by Gavin Holmes, that the kids are so quiet and so respectful. He also asked if there was a video of the assembly as he wanted to send a copy to Ontario. In appreciation Gavin Holmes presented Mrs. Klassen and Mr. Bourcet with a Crystal with the poem Flander’s Fields inscribed. It is in the trophy case if anyone wants to view it.

Remembrance Day Presentation

Pittance of Time Song Lyrics

Mr. Holmes’ Letter