Digital Citizenship Expectations

Digital Citizenship

Charlie Lake Elementary School


All students & parents are required to sign off on the technology user agreement at the beginning of every school year in order to be able to utilize a district email account and utilize district technology.  As part of our focus on social responsibility, each student is expected to be a responsible digital citizen.  Each student will sign off on a digital pledge demonstrating understanding of the expectations listed below.  It should be noted that personal devices will only be permitted to connect to the school WiFi network if utilized for educational purposes.


At Charlie Lake Elementary School being a responsible digital citizen means:


-Using my personal device for educational purposes only

-Using my device with the permission of an adult at the school

-Ensuring my device is safe at all times

-Using my device at appropriate times only

-Keeping my personal log in information safe

-Respecting myself and others when online

-Not cyber-bullying

-Ensuring my digital footprint is safe and responsible


Students in grade 6 will be given an I-pad mini this school year for educational purposes.  Use of these devices is a privilege, and their use is at the discretion of the teacher and school administration.  More information on expectations governing the use of I-pads will be distributed to parents in September.