Christmas Book Fair

Christmas Book Fair
November 24, 25 & 26
The Christmas Book Fair is a wonderful opportunity to encourage
your children to buy and read their own books. It’s also an
excellent chance for you to pick out Christmas presents.
Profits from book fairs allow me to buy addition books for our library.
Students will be able to visit the library and
purchase books during the following times:
* regularly scheduled library classes
• before school at 8:30 am
• lunch time
* after school until 4:00 pm
For complete details on times, see the schedule on the back.
PLEASE NOTE: The book fair will close permanently at 4:00 pm on
Thursday, November 26.
The attached brochure from Scholastic Books will give you an idea of the
variety of books coming to the fair and the price range. But it is only a small
sample of the titles that will be present. If our stock of a certain book sells
out, we will be able to special order the book for you at the same price.
(Delivery is usually less than two weeks and will come in before Christmas.)
Books may be paid in cash or by cheque.
Please make cheques out to the Charlie Lake School Library.
** I’m also looking for a couple of parents to help at the book fair. **
We look forward to seeing you and your children at the Book Fair. Your
support is appreciated!
Ms Haugen