Anti – Bullying Awareness Days


Anti –Bullying Awareness Days

Staff and students at Charlie Lake participated in 3 days of anti-bullying awareness sessions.  On Monday, teacher’s lessons included books, stories and activities explaining how the behavior of a bully and victim affects everyone and how working together creates a positive environment. 

On Tuesday, students in multi-age groups participated in games designed to help students learn skills in communication and cooperation.  House team points were awarded for completing challenges with a partner or group.  Red and Blue house received the most points!  Also, students graphed behaviors they would like to keep or change.

On Pink Day, Wednesday, many people wore pink to demonstrate their commitment in taking a stand to stop bullying.  At the Pink Day assembly, staff acknowledged students who continually demonstrate their ability to solve problems peaceful and are an exemplar model of citizenship.  Lakers also listened to Mr. Ylagen’s message explaining the role of an active bystander and what it really means.  Watch the attached power point for a few more details describing how important it is to stop engaging in behavior that encourages a bully; instead, walk away, think about a solution, act on changing the situation and seek help.  The message was to stay calm and work through problems together peacefully!  Also a big appreciation goes out to the exceptionally enthusiastic FLASH MOB LAKERS dancing to, “YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL”!