December was a fun month! Staff and students dressed up in their PJ’s, held their favorite teddy, wore funny or cozy slippers and had warm charming hats. During lunch hour, students enjoyed watching a Christmas video or making Candy Cane Reindeer with Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Peebles and the student helpers. Many classes had fun activities from reading great books to making pancakes. House team points were awarded to staff and students dressed in PJ’s: Black 132, Blue 111, Red 106 and White 95.

Leadership has planned their next event a Wacky Twin Day for Friday, January 14th. Students can dress as a twin or come in their wackiest outfit or wacky hair. Each person dressed up will contribute points for their house team.

January 5, 2011: Black 822, Blue 781, Red 765, and White 589.

At the December assembly first term awards in citizenship, academic and work ethic were recognized and certificates were given out in class. We also enjoyed listening to Mrs. Jone’s, Ms. Van Dyke and Mrs. Constable’s classes sing Christmas carols and recite a Christmas poem in their PJ’s.

Students participated in a week long Dance Residency from Dec. 6th – 10th. They learned many dances and shared them at the Family Dance on Dec. 9th. Angie Pomeroy lead the dances and many families enjoyed dancing and eating snacks provided by PAC. This event was so popular it will be held again next year!

Basketball season has started! Mr. Bourcet and Mr. Bauer’s boy’s teams will be participating in an academy, the intramural league and a district tournament. Mrs. Boyd’s girl’s team will be in the district league and tournament. If you have time and want to assist please call Mr. Bourcet. Practice and game schedules will be posted at the gym. There will be reminders on the announcements.

A Garage Sale will be taking place in Mrs. Constable’s class on Tues Jan 11 and Wed Jan 12. The items will be $0.25 and up.

Laker Day will be held on Fri Jan 28, with options for the students to participate in swimming, skating, bowling and skiing. Information will be available shortly.

There is no school on Monday Jan 31 for a Non-Instruction day